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Mom, Dad, Hillary, Olivia, and Hannah had gone to visit Grandma Constance in Columbus. They had a cache of bodacious dope with plenty of papers, and of Heineken in the fridge. Mom told Connor they could drink 3 beers a night each, and not get in trouble. Ryann and Connor were 16 years old. Their birthday was two weekends ago.“This is fucking crazy!” she railed. “What kinda 16 year old boy watches—?” She choked off the words, before they blasted out uncontrollably.Naked and partly mounted. “Alright, so what does the door symbolize?” “I haven’t figured that out quite yet. It has to mean it’s the only way out, once we ‘stop what we’re doing’, we can go through the door and leave.” “Leave what? This imaginary world we’re dreaming of?” Linda had a serious look on her face, “Take this seriously, I have had more than one dream and they’re all leading up to something big.” “Wait,” I sat up straight, “You’ve had more than one dream?” “Yes, they were all in this same location!” “What. Patty liked anal sex very much and Cindy’s large clitoris was the perfect size. Sex with Cindy was wonderful! When it came time to go to market Patty was looking through her closet to pick out her public shopping dress, she would wear her leather collar with her ID badge attached. Once out into the world of free people and other slaves Patty needed her identification to make sure she could buy the food and other goods she required to maintain herself in the style master wanted for her. In. He does have a rawtalent and is a good student she thought. Just then her phone rang. Itwas from Cole. What does he want now? She picked it up. She waved herhand at Jake gesturing him to leave.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"Yes Cole, I'll be there tomorrow. You don't have to call me again andagain," Jake heard Mr.Rover/Stacy say in the phone as he was walkingaway."Yeah, I'll leave tomorrow by 7 AM from here. I'll call as soon as Ireach Greenport."So Mr.Rover was.

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