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An Oedipal fascination with mommy the model. Justin admitted hepicked out ... how should I put it ... the sexy outfit his mother is wearing."Maury tu...ns to me, "Justin, isn't it hypocritical of you to criticize yourmother for dressing too sexy, while you encourage it by choosing revealingoutfits for her to wear?"I am trying to gather my thoughts, when a few men in the audience startchanting, "Take it off. Take it off."The Jerry Springer element has evidently invaded Maury's show, and. Having the morning to themselves had let them rest. They for a second day spent the afternoon at the spa being pampered. At 3:30 Ann gathered them together. “Ladies, we are about to have some more fun. Shortly the men will finish their golf tournament. I want each of you to return to the cottage that you stayed in last night. I want you to get with the same gentleman you spent the night with. You may stay dressed casually as you are now. You can order beverages from room service.”Ann went on to. Tiger said "OH, OH. Tuffy, Sady and Missy are in trouble. They are locked in a closet. Only two of them are allowed out at a time." I can fix this but they will need a home. Squeaker, can you please wait to have your kittens? We need sponsors for each cat." Bob please get us a car. We need to return to Occidental and talk to the owner of the cats."Cynthia and I went in to the kitchen and started to prep dinner. Maria is so together. She had a pot roast in the timer oven.Cynthia made her. My mind is drowning in a sea of estrogen; that is the onlyexplanation I could surmise. The nail repaired, I went into the department store. Once in the store,you had to go past the cosmetic counters. The clerk saw me passing andsaid she would make me up just to show her products. Once I saw whatthey did for me, she said that she knew I would purchase some. Afterlooking at all the made up women in the nail salon, my face felt nakedso I quickly sat down. The clerk knew what she was doing, and.

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