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One was a dog, some were a car she had. Then David hit the mother load. It was so sudden the he almost passed it. There she was, in front of a mirror,...bare naked. The image was so clear it was as if he could stick his finger through the little window and rub her tits. Forget about being mesmerized, he was now hipmatized by her hour glass figure. And not to mention her neatly trimmed pussy. And to beat it all, she still had that perfect smile. You could tell she was proud of her body. She was. She’d danced with him, and he’d carried her partway up to the apartment. In the back of her mind, she’d made him look smaller. He was easier to manage in a smaller package. He’d never really done anything to bring attention to his size. However, in this light, there was no denying it. ‘And he’s not that hairy on his back. Huh, with all of that stubble, I thought he would be covered in the stuff.’ The most hair was in patches on his chest which coalesced into a line down his stomach to the. I kiss her a second time, just on the side of her head, just next to her eyes. Then I kiss her ear, once, twice, then more times. When I reach her earlobe and give it a kiss and a flick of my tongue, I can feel her breathe in deeply and react to my touch. She is awake now.'Hmh. You are not going to let me sleep any longer, are you?' she finally says as she turns on her back and raises her arms above her head and her delicious lips are now there just wanting to be kissed.With her arms raised,. I must stop this , but I could i was getting aroused, suddenly Judy opened her legs wide and the guy put two fingers into her pussy, a total stranger finger fucking my wife, he knelt closer pulled her panties to one side, and started to lick her cunt, I could she she was very wet ,I’m sure I heard her moansue kept massaging her boobs as Judy put her had on her pussy, the guy had is head in their and she pushed his head deeper into Sues pussy. Andy and I had huge hard ones as we watched two.

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