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" Yes, but more. What?"The tears fell from Mary's eyes, but as soon as she wiped them away more followed. Her cheeks shone from the salty liquid smear...d on her face. She tried to gather herself, but was hysterical."Please, no! Oh my god, no! Not that. I didn't mean it. Please, not my soul." I don't want your soul."Mary's head shot up and she stared at the devil in disbelief. He smiled at the false hope that spread over her face knowing she'd be crushed that much more."Then what is this all. Ikuno was actually the only one he didn’t make love to that day. Instead, they’d had the sparring match and that was the first time his eyes glowed blue... That was it.Given the extremely brief flash of the flight rune’s image, only someone with his ability, or a spell that mimicked his ability, could assemble and complete it from such little information.Unless they were a prodigy, like Prentas.The mage shook his head and sat down in his chair. Now he was comparing himself to the genius mage. ’ Caught off-guard I had no witty retort, or snappy comeback. I don’t remember what my reply was, but I’m convinced it was some inadequate, inane mumble. Moving past my embarrassment at being called on my obvious avoidance of contact with her, I went through the details of the questions I had, all the while distracted by watching her lips part with every word and wondering what it would feel like to kiss her, hug her. Over the next few weeks, I continually made reasons to talk with Ellie–once. "Aw shut up, you jock!" Rob said and turned around to leave. "And quit waxing, will ya?!" Jared shouted, the moment Rob left the room. He looked at me and said, "Uh… That Rob guy has a cock to die for. I'd fuck him anytime!" I tried to control myself, so my that bottom jaw wouldn't fall to the floor, "You'd what...?!" "Anything wrong?" "No, it's just… I've always thought you were straight as an arrow" "What? You have to be feminine if you like men? And honestly, I don't like all those.

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