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Im standing in my underwear, stockings, garter g string and corset. Black lace. I slip into my heels and as I bend down to straighten the seams on my ...tockings I look over my shoulder. Youre there. Watching from the door way. Tall and handsome. Leaning on the doorframe. I smile and stare as you adjust yourself through your dress pants. Well be late sir&hellip,. I know that look in your eyes. You push yourself off the door frame and step into the room sssssh baby, dont move. I stay exactly as I. Not a word was spoken between us. When she finished that set of workout, i was horny as hell and i told her that i wanted to take off my shirt, since i am sweating profusely. She agreed for that since nobody except for her kid was there. I knew my worked out sexy chest will do the magic even if my fondling doesnt turn her on. I asked her to go on all fours and lift her leg up in the air, towards her backside. I came on her backside and caught her left thigh and made her lift her leg, while i. I entered Jen easily, she was so wet from the licking and the horniness of it all. I stroked all the way in and all the way out watching her swallowing Theo’s cock. She gripped his legs to control his strokes into her mouth. I pulled her legs back because I wanted to feel all of myself inside of her. I also wanted to get her ready for Theo’s cock which was at least 2 inches longer than mine and about half an inch thicker. We fucked like this for about 25 minutes and I knew that I had to cum, so. He escorted her to a table and helped her into a seat as the Head Waiter came over. He called for champagne, and, noticing her pallor and pinched face, he asked: ‘When did you last eat?’ ‘I had something at the bus station at Wednesbury first thing this morning.’ Rotkoff turned to look at the Head Waiter. ‘…And get us a plate of hot bacon sandwiches.’ The Head Waiter knew very well that if he were to say that the kitchen was closed, it might not ever re-open, so he took the order with a silent.

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