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It went slowly inside her, and she purred with delight. We continued our love-play for a good half hour, then paused, caressing each other. By this ...ime, I was really aroused and hard!" Do you want my naked pussy? It's waitng for you! Fuck me with your tongue! Do me, Baby!" She commanded. I gladly obeyed, and she rolled over onto her back, her legs spread wide, offering me total enjoyment of her moist, fragrant pussy. I brushed my cheek along her thigh, and she gasped in anticipation of. I stood up and said, "I'll start with Peggy". Even though I had some practice undressing girls, my hand nervously fumbled a couple of time with her buttons.I could feel my dick getting hard as I remove her shirt, bra and skirt. She was wearing a pair of those French cut panties. I put thumbs on either side and slowly pulled them down. I was surprised; she was completely smooth. Not a single pubic hair in sight, she smiled and said "I like it without any hair" I took a deep breath and stepped. Ah, if you have to shoot, make it count. Make sure the team guy knows how it works. Just tell him any rounds that find their mark will be ours."Dave said, "I should do the climbing and you do the marksman shit. I have both legs." I have the rank and it's my job. Be a good backup sidekick. You know the score."I only had to climb the ladder from the last floor to the roof. I slid over the edge of the building and went down prone on the roof. I had to crawl with my rifle to a steel air duct about. He had heard Miss Mc Cully creep up on us.Miss Mc Cully was a PE teacher and junior live in matron and as such was dressed in her PE kit and promptly took us to her room.We were asked what we were doing, all of us tried to mumble some lies but she knew, she had seen and heard what we up to . We were told that if what we had done was reported to the headmaster we would probably caned and expelled. Then we got quite a long talk that it was only natural to be interested in sex which she was happy.

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