Myself insomanicman,22,surat,gujarat.To der na karte huwe story pe aate hai. Ye baat 15 din purani hai. As u all knw mera events ka kaam hai. So 1 bir...hday party ka event aaya huwa tha. Client se meetin hui or party k din hall me decore or sab arrangement bhi hogaya.Party thik 6 baje chalu hui sab guests aane lage apne apne bachon ko lekar. Sab k sab ladies pataka thi. Aise hi games or party chalti rahi. Achanak meri nazar 1 lady pe gai ko side me chair pe bethi hui games ko enjoy kar rahi thi.. She wanted to say something, but just giggled instead.“And who is this devilishly looking girl Roddie?” Asked Angel.“Anne, meet Angel, Angel, Anne” Said Rod as he introduced the two.“So Rod, is it gonna be the usual?” Asked Angel, knowing exactly why Rod was there.“Yes Angel, the same room too, you know which one I mean.” Said Rod as he added a wink. As Angel, Rod, and Anne, walked down a dimly lit hallway Anne could hear various stages of sex going on, and when she got to a particular door. Well, we're going to find out who takes you away from who." Johnny, please..."She was begging and they both knew it.Get used to doing what I tell you Kim. You're mine and you always will be, unless you want your girl friend to wind up sweeping floors for a living. Now are you going to do what I told you?" ... Yes..." was the weak and subservient reply.Thirty minutes later Kim, as instructed, left the apartment house, looking around as if she was trying to leave unobserved and got into her car.. Making me scream from pleasure as he fucked me hard in doggy style. He pulled out as he neared coming and sat on the couch, telling me to sit on top of him facing away. I started riding him in reverse cowgirl when he stopped and pulled my back to rest on his chest. He placed his left hand around my throat, gently choking me while his other was massaging my clit again. I slowly started coming near to orgasmning again and started moving my hips back and forth with his cock still in me. My body.

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