Clegg's organisation is what you might euphemistically call a recruitment agency; except our recruits usually weren't planning on a change of role they met up with us. I suppose slave traders is the real name for what we are. The Caribbean trip had been to meet with a potential customer, a chap called Steve Glennis. No, he wasn't planning on using his purchases to start a new sugar plantation. I'll let you guess what he wanted them for but here's a hint. They were all young. They were. He began to slowly pull the chain back and forth, knowing it was rubbing over her clit. Then he bent down and kissed her for a long moment, his tongue probing her mouth as she gasped for breath through her nose.When he kissed her like that, so possessively, it made Marie a little crazy. She kissed him back frantically, her body straining to get away from the bite of the chain between her legs, her hands clutching fistfuls of his shirt. The metal of the leash felt shockingly cold against her. I am sent to the corner to contemplate my actions with explicit instructions that I am not allowed to cry any more. Once the time passes I am placed back in the chair, unbound this time. “You deserved to be punished, don't you slut”. Of course, I agree. He tells me that I am to be slapped against the cheek 4 times to each side. again with implicit instructions that I am not allowed to cry. Each smack is given harder than the last. I am holding back the tears from fear, from the pain, and most. I told her that I made her breakfast. She took a sip of the coffee and said she had tasted cum better than that.To this day, I do not know what came over me, but I started laughing as she said that.That is the first time she smiled.She asked what I had planned for the day. I told her I would just be playing video games and not much more.I asked what she had planned for her day, she looked at me and said, well kid, I might go spending some of that money your dad has.Then who knows, I might end.

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My young sis in law

My young sis in law

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