If I didn't look like my hot mom, Dad wouldn't get to that orgasmic point to give the family the treat it needed.I picked out that same pair of smooth...white stockings and garter belt that Mom had worn that week when Dad and Jim had both fucked her pink pussy. To this I added a matching white lace bra to give the illusion that I might have a chest to match hers.I shaved my body completely clean of any masculine hairs until I was a smooth and soft as Mom, paying special attention that my long. “What?? Never sucked your hobby’s cock before?? ” he asked while stroking her mouth“nwwwhhhooo” she replied.“Then you must, you deserved it, you are unused treasure of love & joy” he said slapped her boobs“awhhhhhhhhh”Now his pace increased, he was stroking her mouth madly, she was struggling to take it completely in.. It was going deep in throat making her gag. It wasn’t easy job for her but what could she do..“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrr” he moaned loudly and filled her mouth with his. Use you hands and your mouth. Remember, there are three of us here so I want you to get me even more aroused than I am already and put on a show for your husband. Then I will give you the best sexual experience of your life, so far!" Sue stood in front of him and gently reached her hands to his face, caressing his cheeks then touching his lips. She put her hands either side of his head and pulled him towards her. They kissed for ages and I watched as he gently caressed her back and sides over. Allen keeps coming an going to read over my shoulder about this days fun. WOW, to say that Mandy and Jackie have grown up is an understatement.Both have long black hair, the deepest blue eyes. Jackie has a cute upturned nose with a smile that can melt an iceberg. Her body is hard to describe with words. Ok, for the guys I will start with her chest. Well they are small (later I find out 34A) but the nipples are so long and seem to always be rock hard. She is maybe 5-2 or 5-3, 105-110.

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India Homemade V

India Homemade V

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