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He hadn’t worked in over a year, and he had put on 60 pounds from the normally health-conscious guy I grew up admiring. He was angry and belligerent...much of the time and was getting down near impossible to deal with. All he did, it seemed, was sit in silence, watching TV, drinking, and smoking cigarettes. He had moved into the smallest room downstairs, and it wasn’t uncommon to not see him for long stretches of hours or more. I had seriously considered moving many times but had only stayed. As he worked his finger in and out of ass I could feel myself relaxing more and more. He sucked me and pumped his finger in and out of me until I blew the biggest load I ever shot. He swallowed every drop continuing to suck as he did. I finally had to push him off of my cock. Both completely spend, we went to sleep. After that we always massaged each others hole when we sucked. We both knew that what we were preparing the other for although we never said it. One night as we jerked and. Groped it through the thong until the tip popped out through the side. Couldn't have been more than 4 inches. Ran my fingers down and under the thong and teased his hole. T was breathing heavily, biting his lip and gently moaning. Slipped my middle finger in and starting to slowly go deep, the more he moaned the more I pushed in, the tight moist hole had my cock hard and digging it's way out of my boxers. I put my left arm around his chest and lifted him up, still fingering his hole and carried. I’m still trying to figure out why California wouldn’t bring criminal charges.”“Computer crime is tough to prove, and as we discussed, the standard of proof is much higher in a criminal case. Not to mention whoever the state brought in as their expert would not have been anywhere near effective as you were, and would have put the jury to sleep instead of engaging them. They were literally on the edges of their seats, laughing, nodding, and smiling. Think about that!”I nodded, “Which goes back.

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