"What the fuck's going on," Sharon asked me. "Fucked if I know," I said. "Bad luck there with the police showing up. Let's go have a look." "And w...ere the fuck did you get to?" Sharon asked as she punched me in the arm. "I was talking to Julian," I said. "Remember him girls." "Is he here?" June asked. "Yes June but so is his wife." "Bugger." "So what now?" I asked. "What do you two have planned? "I'm going to take some home with me," she said. "It is my birthday after all." . .."I looked over my shoulder and saw him staring at me like a deer in theheadlights. I wondered why, untill I noticed how I was standing. Ithought, "I must look like one of the girls on the calendars in smallauto shops giving him a clear view under my short dress of my sheer lacycovered butt."Blushing beet red I got the coffee and got down quickly. I when lookedback he was still staring at me but with a different look. One that Iknew very well from the times we went to the bar together. I knew. Crystal slipped her tongue in my mouth and proceeded to passionately kiss me, her arms wrapped around my chest. She colsed her beautiful black eyes and held my shoulders tighter. I could smell the fragrance of her champoo and taste every corner of her mouth. At this point, the man in me couldn’t fight back what was happening. I was being sucked and kissed by my two angelic sisters, and it seemed they had been doing it for all their life. Alyssa’s head bobbed up and down my prick at an. Now that she thought about it, she didnÃ,t recognize this room either. WhatÃ,s going on, she thought. Panic beginning to set in. She rolled a little to see Aaron laying on her side and the last two days spilled back into her mind. Curling up next to his chest she let out a sigh of relief. She lay their a moment and then wondered were her cloths were and what she would wear for the day, realizing again she would only need stockings. She blushed at the thought while at the same time.

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