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" What?" I thought you wanted to fuck me. I prefer to be fucked in my bed; my apartment is upstairs. You coming or not?" Are you sure? Is it... you kn...w?" Actually, I'm past caring. I want to see if you can fuck me as well as you can do everything else. Can you bring that pink dildo you like so much, and the jelly? If we've time, I'll show you how to use it, on both of us."She took his hand and led him across the office, the telltale scent of citrus betraying its recent occupants. I hope. “You’ll like this it’s a real shocker.” She said then set the box down. Jes gave him a whack on the ass and when George jumped the chains pulled on the box and George jumped from the shock that hit his cock. She gave him 3 more whacks and George was screaming in pain as his cock spasmed from electric shock. Jes dropped her whip and picked up a wood rod and beat his ass as George tried to stay still. Jo Jo whispered, “Oh I‘d love to have you fuck my tits with that big cock of yours and I. Creeping to the edge of the carpeted floor on hands and knees, Sharon looked down at Angie and the dog Jethro fucking, totally oblivious to their unseen audience.Sharon had heard Sid mention that he had hired Angie to train Tim's dog for parties, but she'd thought the man was kidding. Now it seemed that he had been quite serious--either that or else Angie just didn't have the self-control to stay away from the dog, even on the first day of her stay at a new place.Forsaking speculation on why it. After that night, we continued to make love on a regular basis. Our lovemaking sessions were always slow and unhurried. We made it a point to satisfy each other. I never felt more satisfied in my life. We also spent far more quiet times together, just taking walks and holding hands.Then one day something amazing happened. Nancy had what was considered a fairly routine oncologist appointment for some testing. A few days later she got a call from the doctor with her results. The cancer.

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