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I answered, "It's me. Open the door."There was a pause then the sound of a bolt being drawn and she peered out at me. She scanned the hallway quickly ...nd then opened the door fully. She wore a chaste white peignoir and was holding a hairbrush. She seemed shy and unsure of herself. After our intimate interaction earlier in the day I too felt unsure of my next step. But, despite my hesitation, I adopted a confident air, kissed her on the cheek and entered her room. I sat on her bed and made. " You tell yourself as you finally drift off to sleep.Waking in the morning you decide to test your theory that you might be able to control more than just women but you need information. A doctor enters your room you ask him when you might be leaving the hospital. "Tomorrow, you will be leaving here tomorrow," he tells you and then you suggest that he slapped his own face which he does. "So, I can control minds," you smile at the possibilities. "I have to be careful though."Later that. While trying to do that she lost the balance and she was in my arms. I felt something different and started looking into her eyes.She was really close to me our lips were only an inch apart she was looking into my eyes. I came closer wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She didn’t say a word, but her breathing increased. Our lips moved closer and we started kissing ….The kiss lasted more than 5 minutes and while kissing we started feeling each other…The kiss broke when her mom. Just let me.”I came, soaking my underpants.“Into my tent. Get your clothes off before everything gets wet and cold.”I looked back to see Mike and his mom kissing again. Mike pressed and palmed his mom’s breast. I couldn’t see where her hand was, but from Mike’s thrusts I could guess.In the tent I stripped off everything and shoved my underwear into a corner. Pulled an extra blanket Professor Bertolli had over me.In a minute, Mike’s mom came inside. She smiled, didn’t say anything, started.

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