I intended to ask her a question or two. Either she sensed it in me or else she was sublimating her personality to the role that she was assuming. Her...hand touched my black lips and she shushed me with pursed lips.?Obedience!?I sat waiting, she sat on the throne and crossed her legs. ?Look forward, into the distance, not at the persons that will be in the room,? she said.The door opened and the butler entered. In his hand was a leather quirt, a crop that ended in a short tail with knotted. “No big deal.”“Jesus, I am so damn sorry. This is all my fault. I don’t know what to say, do, think...”“No need, no need to worry. We only got two hours, and there is so much to say,” I said. “I don’t want to talk about some chulo asshole. Okay?” She nodded, but it was a worried nod.“Did you get the pic of Kari I sent?” she said. She knew I had. I’d written her that I had. “But I guess she was just checking, talking, saying something.“Yes, and it’s the best present I ever got!” I said. “God she. " Melissa sighed. "It's a long story and a bit complicated, but the way it ended ... Like a blink of an eye ... Desolation." Tell me," said Sarah."Dad loved Mom since they were ... our age. Kind of like Joe and Amy. They both got scholarships to Brown. There they met this guy Roy. Roy was being groomed to position himself in his dad's business in Rochester, New York, a huge corporation. The three of them and whatever underage girl Roy had on his arm spent their college days partying. It was. .. "YES, Please come to see me." I was there about 45 minutes later. We had a drink and she invited me to her room, in 10 mins.Chloe is a young beauty, about 23 years old, with golden hair, and light blue eyes. She stands 5'4", and is about 120lbs of gorgeous young woman. She met me at the door, wearing damn little, and it looked GOOD on her... She kissed me deep and long. I lifted her up and carried her, our lips still locked, to the bed, where I tossed her to the middle, and began to.

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