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I plopped down on my side of the couch and pulled down the blanket I kept folded over the back."Share that with me?" he asked."Sure." I sat sideways him and threw the blanket to cover both of our legs. When I felt him move his legs against mine, I worried that my legs were too stubbly, but he didn't seem to notice because he immediately returned to his book without a word.I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my binders. I kept organized notes during lectures, but many times I didn't really. He explained that his employer wanted her disciplined for being a reporter and trespassing onto his estate, as he hated the press. He said “he was going to enjoy her pain so the louder she screamed would be music to his ears…” she managed to look terrified but how much was real and how much acting was anyone`s guess. “now miss, I am going to tell you what I am intending to do to you for my own enjoyment… these,” his hand shot out and lifted a breast in either hand “these I am going to skewer. It was just like ours and I’d broken into our house the same way many times.“Sure,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.Jacob peeped through the window. “The keys are right there on the kitchen counter. I can see them.”I walked up and took a look. I spotted the keys and began hoisting myself. I had almost hoisted all my body up when I felt Jacob’s hands around my waist.He was lifting me so I could better maneuver myself into the open window but I suddenly could concentrate on nothing else. " My house is just a short walk from here and I have a clothes dryer," I told Alex, making up my mind. She'd turn me down but at least I would have made the offer. "Look, I'm not really a perv. I just don't want to think about you sitting here cold and wet without at least offering. I have a robe you can wear while your clothes dry. I can drive you home after... Or now, if you want. I mean, you don't need to wait for dry clothes before I drive you home." My, aren't you just the Southern.

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