It has the local wildlife preserves wondering why they would eat meat and get so close to fires however. Also how this could have spread so quickly. T...is is Jackie Neiderhuss from channel 5 news."Jackie lowered the mic and looked at all the devastation in disbelief."Over sixty people all gone in one night." she said to herself in shock and amazement.She went to her motorcycle and flung a leg over it.The Japanese women with long silky hair and cute pink lips who wore tight black leather pants. I was stuck deep inside her super tight pussy. She yelled stop as i tried anyway, then her legs wrapped around me and pulled my hips towards her, causing me to go slightly deeper."Can we stay like this for now?" she asked me. I nodded yes, and smiled. She smiled too and looked into my eyes, I flexed my cock causing it to move inside her, She moaned and then asked me to do that again, i did and she moaned even louder. she told me it was rubbing against her insides just right. I did it a several. No sooner had we both entered her office then she seemed to simply step into my arms in a natural flowing movement, her eyelids heavy with invitation and her mouth upwardly turned and offered to me. I wasn’t taken off guard this time and grabbed her around the waist, holding her against me and kissing her mouth, and a hard kiss it was. Her mouth smiled as we broke the kiss to breathe and showed me a pink tongue that invited my tongue in to dance, and a wild samba ensued. This was not going to. Anyways should we go?”He took my hand and kissed it then let it go, “I should check the house to make sure that nobody’s out there first. I am still in my clothes after all. And if someone were to see me I could tell them that you asked me to stay because you didn’t want me to fall asleep behind the wheel.”He soon left. After the door closed I started hyperventilating. I tried to calm down. Nothing seemed to work until I heard footsteps coming towards my room. Then I forced myself to at least.

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