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Somehow, I got her onto the bed and ended up in the sixty-nine position. Neither of us wanted to stop pleasuring the other person. My tongue was all that freshly shaven cunt. It was soaking wet and smelled of the sweetness of sex. I just could not get enough of that pussy and clit. My tongue lapped up her juices and flicked her clit. On the other hand, June was busy sucking my manhood and moaning like a banshee. This was hard for her with a mouthful of cock. The sound was very sensuous. "You are right. I did get stood up and I do enjoy the company." He smiled at me."Would you like to join me in my suite upstairs? The coffee is much better up there." I hesitated at first. Then I let go of my insecurities and went with my gut."I would love to!" I said after a brief moment. He smiled and took my hand and led me away from that table.I walked into the room, behind him. It was beautiful. Such decor. He led me to a small table and we had a small pot of tea. We talked. Small talk.. "Got it." I replied. At that time, Maria who was reading some papers during the interrogation, looked up and showed me my desk. Right next to the soccer mom Nadine. Well she wasn’t bad looking at all, and it took me some energy not to gaze at her. She had nice roundings. A picture of what I think her bare breasts looked like flashed through my mind. I shaked it off. "So what exactly is my job here?" I asked. "I have a lot of type work,. Me and Nisha would be home alone. I thought it would be a great chance to make them have sex. I told Nisha that I would be going out with my friends and will return in the evening.Without asking a single question Nisha agreed. I could see the excitement in her eyes. I took the spare keys to open the door when I return and left. I was damn sure she would call Vishal. I kept watch on Vishal in his café. At around 11 am he engaged one of his friend in the café and left. I knew where he was.

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