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It sounded like a race car! I soon found out that it almost was! It was something called a Hemi Cuda? I don't know what that is. But once he got off o... our little side street and onto the main road ... SON OF A BITCH THIS THING IS FAST!!!!We went to the mall first. It was obvious that even though he was getting to embarrass me in nearly every store we entered, Jeff was not happy about being here. He mentioned that he had not been in a mall in years.While we were there he took advantage of every. “That’s ok I think I could deal with that” I replied. “Wonderful she said but just to let you know that I wouldn’t send you home in that state if you were feeling to frustrated.” “I see” I said a little hesitively “what I mean to say is that I would bring you to a climax but please understand that you would not be able to fuck me”. “Ok” I said rather disappointedly “I have a loving husband and c***d so if you can respect this I will help on those occasions”. “That’s very fair” I said “Glad you. !Thee day finally arrived my Family had to go to my relatives house to attend a function of 5 days i knew this was my chance so i told my dad that i cant come and i had some projects to complete and that i also had to look after the shop he after thinking gave me the permission and my family left in the afternoon. As soon as they left i straight away headed to medical shop and bought a pack of chocolate flavored condoms the medical guy knew me so i got it easily.!Then i went to a hotel and got. She said "Okay" in a whimpering voice filled with uncertainty.I stood up and put my fingers in the top of her panties and told her tolift her ass so I could take them off. She did. I told her to spread herlegs wide so I could get a good look at her asshole. She did. I told herto put her hands behind her back and hold her hands together. She did. Igrabbed her hands, which prevented her from freeing her hands, and thisput her totally in my control. I took my free hand and spread her asscheeks and.

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