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I felt hands climb up my body, underneath the water, pulling me down. They went from my shin, to the back of my knee, to one of my thighs between my l...gs close to my vagina. Then I felt two strong arms reach around my tummy to my back, gripping me tight. I felt a warm body slam against my own, as we floated to the surface. When I reached the surface, I could feel warm hands pushing the hair away from my eyes. I opened them, and saw my brother's smile shining like the sun’s reflection on the. “Hello. How do you feel?”“I...” She shook her head. “What happened? Where am I?”He gestured around his head. “Both very good questions. This is our ... well, “home” is a bit overly optimistic. You were attacked by a big, horny demon. We helped you. Don’t you remember?”She was a long time answering. Confusion passed across her face like a shadow, then dawning fear. “Your Master tricked me! You are hunters!”The word “master” struck much too close to home, given his recent suspicions. Logan made. I could feel their cum mixed with my juices start to drip down my thighs. I regained my composure pulled my head up and looking at them said “thank you Sirs. If you want to you could turn me over and fuck me up my ass.” Tom unbound my ankles and told me to roll over which I obediently did facing down now on the table; I could feel the rough wood scratching my hard nipples as I pulled my legs together and stood with my upper thighs pressing against the table. Tom said “spread you legs wide. I let them have the moment as I quietly pulled Peter over. “Are you staying in school at all? What about WICKED?”“I have been thinking about that. I plan to graduate, but you need to replace me ... maybe James Allen. I know he can sing it.”“OK, I understand. Just don’t leave without saying goodbye, Mr. Chapman.”Isabel had heard all of this and had shimmering eyes. “I am going to miss you so much, big brother. You better write me or call me, or I will sic my future brother on you.”“Sure thing,.

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