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”I strutted around the cabin with my head in a whorl of angry and sad thoughts. “Anyway, thanks for driving,” I finally said. “It was a good t...me, until the end.”“Yeah. Sorry I had to bring you the bad news like that. It would’ve been fun to dance. Looked like you three were having a good time.”“I guess.”Shannon raised a brow at me. “Who put the black lipstick on you, by the way?”I winced sheepishly. “Heather, of course.” I waved my hand vaguely. “She wanted to pretend to be Miss Ellie and. “Yes I did! Please flog my tits and cunt with your wet flogger! Please!” begged Emma.“Alright then! I’ll let you out of the shackles, but you’ll have to continue to stand with your legs and arms all far apart so I can have full access to your tits and cunt! Do you understand me, Bitch?” said Gabby.“Yes, oh yes! I can’t wait for the flogger to slap against my tits and cunt! Please hurry!” Emma begged.Gabby hurried to remove Emma from her shackles! In just a few minutes, Emma stood alone with her. Twenty thousand. You don't have to consider it being unfaithful to your girl friend. This is strictly a business deal. Perform a service for me and I pay you. Your girlfriend doesn't even have to know." I won't kid you. My girl and I could use the money. Maybe she would understand, but to deliberately hurt someone... You must hate her, this Veronica Ames." Quite the contrary. She's been my lover for over three years. I simply want her back. We had a lover's quarrel and she ran into the arms of. “Sure you can,” said Emily. “I’m just surprised that you do.”“I saw your devotion to Sean,” Amanda said. “I also saw that your devotion didn’t cease once you recognized that he was now married. However, my own female intuition tells me that as long as Sean is committed to someone else, in this case me, that you have placed him off-limits for yourself. Am I wrong?”“You’re absolutely right,” nodded Emily. “I have always felt that any man who could be stolen away from another woman wasn’t worth.

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