Given virtually no other employment options, the large salary being offered, (and – to be honest – some innate curiosity about his massive cock), ... accepted the position. He told me that the job requirements included me wearing easy access dresses, blouses and skirts, with no underwear at all – no bra and no panties – to which I agreed. Also, with no car available to drive to work, my new boss had offered to drive me to and from work, since he lived just 5 miles further west of the office than. "It is critically important to show the followers of militant Islam around the world that the United States will not hesitate to put you down if you come after Americans. If you come after Americans in America, we have proven we will take you out, blow you up, shoot you down, and turn your invasion into a bonfire..."That interview should have caused massive push back from moderate Americans, but the speaker was a retired US Senator from a Blue State, and a very staunch democrat, speaking on ABC. . yeah sorry. Then she smiled slyly at me and went towards the shower. She turned around and said just make sure you take care of all of us not just Nessa and winked at me. I still don’t know how much she really knows, but I can tell she is hiding something. At that moment I decided that I would leave her for last. It was time to pounce on my second prey, my mother. She had somehow managed to get upstairs and halfway onto her bed. She was a sight to behold. Her blouse and bra were pulled. She tightly closed her eyes and moaned. I quickly removed my clothes. She got surprised to see my 6-inch manhood. She held it in her hand and sucked it nicely.Then I laid on her body and started sucking her nipples. I sucked them hard. She moaned a lot. I said to her, “Now I am gonna give you special treatment”. I placed my cock in her pussy and pushed it in. She moaned, aahhhhh…. Slowly beta. I went deep in her. She cried, ufffff…. And looked at me. I could feel her nipples under my chest. I.

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