"Alicia quickly assumed the position and looked back. Alex took his belt off and walked over to her. "As long as we are here, I am in charge of whethe... you orgasm or not", he said and swung the belt. Alicia yelped as the leather made contact with her ass."I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again", Alicia said quickly, tears brimming in her eyes. "It better not", Alex said as he swung the belt again. He gave her four swats before stopping, her ass bright red and painful. "Now, suck my dick", he. Her parents had called her that because that was where she had been conceived… or where her mother had been knocked up, as she had succinctly put it one night when Laurie was about twelve or thirteen. Susie calling her Florence was just another thing she did to put Laurie in her place.“Thank you for inviting me Ma’am,” she replied. “May I ask where we are going?”“It’s a surprise,” Susie replied. She beckoned with her free hand. “Come sit beside me.”Laurie sunk into the soft leather while Susie. Jeff continued to pound into Eva even as she came from Billy's load. Eva pulled the panties from her mouth and gasped, "Please stop, Jeff. I can't take it anymore. Please." Jeff almost ignored his mother's pleas but there was something in her voice that persuaded him to stop. Jeff gently pulled his still hard cock from his mother's ass. He needed to come so badly and he pulled Eva off of Billy and pushed her down onto the floor of the Jeep. He beat his cock in his fist over his mother's face.. I didn’t really know what to say and I blurted out “Im fucking my mom”. His face looked at me in confusion; his sexy lined eyebrows were raised. “What was that?” “Shit sorry, don’t tell anybody but Im fucking my mom”. It took me a while to explain to him what was going on between me and my mom but he found it rather amusing and did tell me that my mother was hot. We carried on playing till I started drifting off to a world of my own where Luke was fucking me bare back from behind and he was.

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