" Really!" said Sarah. "No, I, well I...." Drew what are you trying to say sweetheart?" Hush darling", intoned Audrey. "Anyway his bottom is very sens...tive."Audrey once again slid her hand beneath Drew's panties and tormented hisblossom. Sarah said, "Mother may I?" and Audrey said of course. She satdown on a chair and signaled Valerie to bring the sissy. "Drew over myknee princess." He hesitated and Valerie again administered a pinch. Drew immediatelycomplied. It was a struggle without the use. The girls were still giggling but they stopped instantly when he walked in. Tom went right to his desk and sat down without looking up. The room was silent. Just then Louise walked in. She stood in the doorway for a minute, then walked right past Tommy and sat down at her own desk, putting her pocketbook away and getting ready for the day as usual. Maybe she didn't see the tape? Just then she looked up at him with a small smile and said "Good morning, Spanky!".Carol and Marie choked a little. . that is, my partner... is highly skilled in the area of skin and hair health. His skills in that area combined with my skills in chemical analysis may give us some more clues." Vanlo, if you learn that this was the work of Gronnus, I need to know immediately." I should warn you, your Lordship, that it is possible we may not pin it down to a specific person. It is also possible that the hair belonged to Yanna, as it was found in the Jonalla."Roquan looked surprised. "The Jonalla? You still. Occasionally one of us would even get lucky, going with a partner to our own room or the other persons place for a night of fun.We also spent a lot of time talking, either during the drives/flights to our sites, or in the evenings over dinner. In one such conversation, I learned that she had been repeatedly molested as a child. She did not say who, but I suspected it was her dad, since she never talked about him.I already knew that she had a high sex drive, and would get depressed if she could.

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