" "All right, Ebony," replied Dee Dee. "Let me pull up the AMA's web site." "The what?" asked Ebony. "American Medical Association," said Dee Dee. "...f they don't have the information we need, I'll bet they have a link to another site that can tell us. It may take a little while until I can be sure I've got the data on this...." "You just do whatever you need to do," said Ebony. "I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers on these things. And I want to see whatever you find for myself,. Finally, she drenched my face in her juices, and I was barely able to breathe.I remained nestled like that for another few moments, while Derrick was feverishly plunging himself into my behind. Then, I heard the boy groan, and felt his semen shoot up inside me. The boy had developed a taste for bare-backing me, and was now slumped over on me, panting heavily.I waited until I felt his flaccid cock slip out of me, then I stood up and asked Shaniqua if she was willing to try double penetration.I. .. and I was. But I was also very turned on. My legs were wet from... from me.”“I know,” I answered. “I saw it in the picture.”“Then when they got me to that place,” she continued, “that fat old general was going to fuck me, but one of the big men told him I was a virgin.”“Are you?” I asked, “or did he lie?” I knew I was pushing things a little, but it might be important for... her future.“He didn’t lie,” she answered, “I’ve never had anything in there... not a tampon... not a vibrator... not. I found the panties and of course I have seen you peeping at me. But it's not right you know... you're my son. However, I'm not sure you are that unusual. I think many boys have a crush on their mothers." It's more than a crush mom. I... I... I love you." Jimmy, I think you just need to date some nice girls and have some fun," Jennifer said, surprised at her son's revelation but trying not to show it."I've tried that but girls my age seem so silly and... and they're not you." Alright Jimmy, I.

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