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She moaned in excitement and pleasure as I came close to her bra. I lifted her up and removed her bra revealing C cup breasts with tiny little rick ha...d nipples asking to be played with. I proceed to suck on her nipples and rub her down with my hand slowly working my way up her thigh. She moaned once more and quivered when my hand came close her pussy. I began rubbing her clit through her thong and she gasped at the suddenness of my hand reaching down her thong to finger her. I pulled off her. It was a lot to take in at once, a kiss, the chocolate and catching his breath, but Gerry managed to find enough coordination to do everything, and kiss Tammy back. Her lips were soft and warm and they opened easily as soon as he showed that he wasn’t backing away from her advance. Her tongue slipped easily into his mouth, agile and sexy as it sought his tongue and played. His hand came up to her cheek instinctively and caressed her as they gained confidence and kissed harder.When they broke to. “For us?” Tear asked, raising an eyebrow. “So far, I only see some expensive jewelry on your hand, my imp.” She turned around and shot her lover a curious look.Arach rummaged in a belt pouch, then she pulled out a similar ring, this one in gold. Looking deep into Tear’s eyes, she slid the it over her lover’s ring finger, where it fit perfectly. It too had runes and also a gem set into it, this time a sliver of sapphire.“Oh, it matches my eyes,” Tear whispered in overdone awe. “But why would you. Our guests left, with the exception of Marlene who went back up to the room with Crash. They said they were going to Annapolis shopping in a little while and would be back in several hours.We finished making preparations for tomorrow's festivities, getting all the things that needed simmering and seasoning for a few hours back into crock pots. We went over to the gym first to review the security data for the colleges and then to work out.I have to admit I always felt better after a good workout.

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