" Sergeant Gordon, the command is now yours." They all saluted me and I returned it.The two men that I told to watch our horses earlier were still the...e and so were the horses. Sergeant Gordon followed us out and had the men show us to the commander's house, since we would be staying there, and see to it that our wants are taken care of."Chandra, would you see to it that Megan has as room that is suitable for her? I'll go and get her and bring her here." I asked once we reached the former. They open the cold water and thoroughly wash me with hard brushes, like scrubbing a piece of wood. I am warned that's my last opportunity to drink if I need it. I gulp cold water down my wide-open gagged mouth. Once they've made sure I am clean as a whistle, I am dragged to the Punishment Room without even being dried up.The Punishment Room is large, maybe a huge basement, to provide space for freely swinging The Implement and for The People who are already there. The Implement can be an over. He hoped the other students wouldn’t be too hard on them, but knew that hope was slim. This was the Native American College, not Paleface College, and the students would be reluctant to embrace whites living on their campus. At least he was wearing blue jeans rather than the red robe. That one bright spot was undermined since the red head was wearing a blue robe.Approaching the main building of the Native American College, Oscar paused and looked around. The architecture of the buildings seemed. “We can take her into the bedroom, and you can give it to her,” Albert replied, as he and Jason moved toward Emma.“Do not touch me!” Albert’s sister yelled, as she backed up; but she was no match for the two men. They easily grabbed the nineteen-year-old and dragged her, kicking, and screaming, into the bedroom. Being the apartment was soundproof, no one could hear her screaming. In struggling, Emma lost the sheet that was covering her nude body. Her exposed and unrestrained C-cup breasts were.

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Kaam Katha ep05

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