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”“You go,” Elva replied, her hands clutching at Bena’s left arm. The woman’s voice was awash in agony, her words coming as whispers and mois..., guttural phrases. “You go. I can’t – I can’t leave him. He needs me.”Bena looked up from her mother to Issa, who was fiercely clutching Bremer. There was so much pain, pain she wished she could remove. The people around her were filled with the pain she had, in a sense, caused. This had been her choice. It had seemed so simple at the time. It had been so. There were no sounds coming from any of the apartments so I quickly pulled down my shorts and ripped off my shirt. I then slid the thong on and fastened the bra up spinning it around the way I'd seen girls do. It was delightful! As I stood there admiring myself I didn't even see the woman walk in.She was one of my new neighbors, a slim but busty black woman around her mid thirties with a cute face that made her look younger."What do we have here?" She said. I looked up but couldn't muster the. She was so adorable Kathrine thought.Now these bed sheets need changing and cleaning, and Kathrine has abreakfast yet to eat that won't make itself."Excuse me Sissy Nikki but shouldn't you be in the kitchen making yourMistress her breakfast? Over half an hour ago?" bellowed Kathrine in atone of voice that was so strong it made Sissy Nikki sit instantlyerect, eyes wide open, with hair in a tangled mop around her shouldersand a look of sheer panic on her pretty face."I'm terribly sorry Mistress,. There were no white rooms in my house. White rooms are for rentals and vacant houses. I'd had every room painted or papered when I moved in. Plus Yann and Janos had done quite a bit of redecorating.Unless this was a hospital.If this were a hospital, and I had a massive head wound, then white walls would make perfect sense. Yann was only my gardener. Janos didn't exist.I closed my eyes again. I knew it was a dream. I knew it. I was going to have to fire the boys; there was no way I was going to.

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