" Hmmm. And you? What are you planning to do with your degree?" Well, sir, I plan to continue on, get a Masters. Become a college teacher. History tea...her." Where are you enrolled? Are you going to continue at Chapel Hill?" I -- uh -- don't know yet, sir. Actually, I was planning to take a year off, get a job, accumulate some money for the graduate degree first. And I'm going to try to line up some scholarship aid, for grad school." But first, you're spending the summer driving around the. Its just like masturbating with my pussy, just this is on the out side. The faster I go, the better, it feels… hmmm&hellip, Looking at her cock and how long it was a wonderful idea crossed her mind. What if she sucked her self off? That would be so hot! she thought, so she opened her mouth and took it in and sucked on it like it was guys dick, and man, did it feel good! She sucked and jacked it off till she came hard, and when she did, lots of hot cum poured out and in her mouth. It tasted. I came for what seemed like hours of ecstasy, too too long,. As the orgasm began to overwhelm me, Megan slowed. Her hand rested on my quivering pussy. She put her face on my breast and sucked my nipple gently. As the throbbing in my pussy calmed, I relaxed completely She laid her head on my chest, patted my little patch of fur between my legs and sighed.We rested for a few minutes. Then I heard Max’s voice. “So,” he said matter of factly. “You’ve met Megan.” Max was standing over us, Courtney. My kisses get farther and farther up your thigh. so soft, and creamy. I could get lost in them for days. Your knees finally raced against the sides of your desk and I can see all of you. so pink, tender. Begging for attention. Your lips swelling with pressure, and excitement. I can see a slight glisten on one of your lips from where you’re beginning to leak out just a little bit. Here, let me clean that off for you. With an outstretched tongue I lean in and taste you for the first time. So.

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