" Well, you were right about it not being the same spot. I've been watching the sun shadows too. You were right, we're still heading due west, not tra...eling in a circle. And the sound-barriers too, they're bigger than ever."Jim nodded. "Yeah, over thirty-five feet I think... I'm going to be so happy when we leave Nebraska..."They drove in silence as the miles flowed by. It was past 7:30 when Cindy gave a whimpering sound.Jim grimaced. "I see it too. Just stay in the car when I slow down. I'm. The princess stood up and went to his bed, she spoke to the girls again and reached down and pulled the bikini top string of one of the girls, the top fell away and her tits swung over him, she reached over to get some more cream on her fingers and her breasts flattened on his back, the others were undoing theirs and soon he was surrounded by tits off all sizes but the one thing they had in common was the very dark almost black areoles and nipples, I noted that some of the nipples were already. Your Mommy has told me lots of stories about your Daddy, about herself, and about you.”Summer asked, “What has she told you about me?”My wife said, “Well mostly that you are one highly sexed young lady, that you are always sticking something into your sweet little pussy, and that you need to get fucked with a real cock just as soon as possible. That’s why she talked your Daddy into leaving you with us.”There was a pause for that to sink in before she continued, “That is why I left the. We both were rolling on the bed and my boobs were getting crushed in between us. Then Rahul came down to my boobs and rubbed his face on and rubbed his penis head on my nipples it became so hard and he started to suck my nipples it was fucking fantastic. He sucked it for so long and crushed my other boobs with his hands.Rahul then stood me and made me kneel before him and asked me to kiss his cock. It was so big than my husband and it was very thick too. I kissed his penis head and he got hold.

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