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Finally, the day came to meet her and possibly get some action. She told me that her husband would definitely be watching but would not join in. She a...so told me when I came to their house, to meet them at the little camp trailer parked beside their house. She said she did all of her playing in the trailer. I thought this was kind of odd but yet at the same time excited me a bit. I arrived at their house and stood over by the trailer and then gave them a text and told them I had arrived. A. Eric stood about 5'11" tall and was as solid as a fire hydrant and thick as a wall. Trembling I glanced over my left shoulder to see him standing about two feet behind me, not knowing what to do I acted like I was finishing and turned to leave, I was now face to face with Eric looking just a little bit up. Eric smiled at me and said '...you having trouble...' I froze as he reached out and took hold of my wrist and led me to a stall. Eric pushed me in first and said '... get up on the stool and. Nancy erupted into loud orgasmic moans as I lay flat out onto John's back burying my shaft deep into him, I continued to stroke as my seed finally erupted coating John's inner fuck tunnel, I withdrew, leaned up and squeezed the last few drops of cum onto his gaping hole. By now Nancy was standing behind me, breasts pressed against my back and drawing circles around my nipples with her finger nails. This sent a sensation from the tips of my toes right out the top of my head. Nancy spat into her. I sensed something with Marie and I sensed she had a similar feeling about me.Then the knot popped out of me. But as one dog left, the other took his place and immediately mounted me. And just as with the first dog, this one made me gasp at the sudden and quick penetration of his cock and the persistent and frantic pounding he applied to his fucking. The inevitable surge and sensation as this cock grew in length and size. Growing noticeably inside me, filling me more and more and reaching.

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