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"What's this with no bedclothes!" I just don't like them any more" said a puzzled, disconcerted Katie. "What's the problem?" I slept last night in a l...vely warm bed, when I'm supposed to sharing everything with you - that's the problem. You wait till I get you on the beach, next Saturday, I'll flay you for this!! " Calm down, darling Angie, I'm so sorry, I had already made up your bed before you arrived and I just didn't think" She got off the bed, switched on the light and stood there before. This keep was large enough to house a considerable force and appeared to be situated to maximize its defensive effectiveness.Watch and wait was the current plan, and that was what I did.I had brought a few other things with me when I returned from Obsidian with Dad's special Long Ears.I brought a half dozen bracelets, the old Legion Light-based jump bracelets, the ones that Con had developed before the advent of the Legion Armor. I had some hopes for these as well, and today was their day to be. Sensible, but a pain in the ass. Yes, that’s exactly how I said it. More giggles. I think I was a little punch drunk.More assistance to get me to the shower room, there I was let alone, but not unwatched as I cleaned up, for the first time ever I missed having help, the ‘thing’ with Sue was missing, I had to wash my own hair, not a problem, what I really missed was washing hers. The mutual thing, bonding. Showering alone suddenly felt empty.I used the jet to scour out my ass, screaming and. Suddenly the door burst open and she walkedin saying, “Hey, have you seen…OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK!”I pretended to be surprised and tried to cover myself actingas if I was scared and nervous in being found out. She stoodin the room yelling and laughing at me calling me a weirdoand that she was going to tell our parents how much of a pervertI was. I begged her not to tell anyone and I promised I’d doanything if she’d keep quite. She kept turning to watchthe video and teasing me saying I couldn’t.

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