.......the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb and one sperm worked its way into one of fertile eggs and the fuck slut truck-stop whore was preggers.Far from slowing the slut down, Helen now started to hit on the customers through the bowsers and within a week guys were coming to the truckstop from Leongatha, Inverloch and Korrumburra to get into the latest whore at the truckstop.Her boss was also fucking the young slut by now. New sheets that I’m sure the both of us will regret staining so horribly later…. The room made completely dark and then gently lit by candles…. And a brand new harness for the bed that you spread yourself out between, wriggling eagerly, waiting for me to bind you. Who am I to deny you when you ask so politely? I bind your wrists first, brushing my lips lightly against yours and pulling back when you reach for a kiss. Teasing, light, and just shy of what you want. You hate when I do that…. And. "You know Nicole's friend Brenda?" Redhead with freckles?" Yeah, her. She borrowed one of my dresses without asking me, when they were over at my house. Anyway, she wore it the next day and I got pissed at her. We were fighting about it and shit..." Like really fighting?" she asked, mimicking a punching motion."No. Just arguing. Anyway, things got really bad and I tried to get Nicole to help me, but she took Brenda's side. So, I got pissed at her and called her a bitch. Nicole, I mean. I called. Your curly hair was somewhat straight, dangling down over your seductive eyes and you wove a strand around your finger, licking the nail softly while staring at me like a jungle cat. You had one knee bend, leaning against the doorframe, watching me, smiling and licking your lips. The outfit you wore stood out: an athletic bra that for some reason had little or no support so your breast swelled up, a dimple of cleavage under your collarbone. Your C-cups jiggled and moved, and your perfectly.

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