She had no idea what was on his mind, but she was about to experience it."Yes, Mr. Brock.", she said, scurrying inside his office."Show some more leg,!", a voice inside her head suddenly told her. She could not help but give in to the notion, especially as turned on as she was by the 43 year old bachelor. She had been pleasantly surprised when he hired her, both because she thought that a younger woman would get the job, and because she wanted to take things further than was professional. Her one leg was stretched out along the sofa, while the other was draped over the edge, giving me a perfect view of the white cotton of her knickers stretched over her pussy. They weren't what you'd call thin but I could still make out the swell of her mound and the outline of her pussy lips and the slit between them.I know I should have turned straight round and left, but I didn't, instead I just stood there and stared at her. I ran my eyes up and down her body, from head to foot pausing at. Me: Please don’t make me jerk off again. I went crazy when I first saw them.Anwesha: So, the cum on that cover came because of me? How flattering of you! (touching her cheeks and blushing).Me: You are incredibly sexy! Usually, a guy compliments a girl just for formality. But I kid you not! Your body is making me wild. I will fuck my mother in front of you just to show how wild my passions are. See my dick Anwesha, look how…Anwesha interrupted me and told me to calm down. I didn’t realise that I. I was indignant, but immediately got a fist in the stomach. The blow was not bad. soon as I thought about it, she hit me again and again. I doubled over in pain, still bewildered. Lena grabbed my hands and pressed them against the wall with a forceful knee hit in the stomach. I gasped, this bitch is not as simple as I thought. ..she hit me again. I freaked out, and snatching one of my hands, hit her in the chest. Lena did not expect this, as well as the next knee blow to the stomach. She.

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