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”Holding her firmly now I force her legs under her pelvis, raising her ass into the air. I rope her ankles together and run ropes out either side them to the bed frame. She can move her ass up and down a little but otherwise she is stuck.With her face pressed into the bed it’s hard for my little darling to see what I’m doing, so I oblige her by dangling her leather girl scout uniform belt down in front of her eyes, turned now to the right. I can’t see her reaction clearly, but the. « Oh yes » she said, « I love being punished and humiliated. « I love your cock » she said, stroking it gently.« Thanks » I said, « Would you like me to fuck you ? »« Oh god yes » she sighed.« Do you suck cock as well, have you ever been fucked in the arse ? » I demanded, « You look very young, what’s your name, how old are you ? »« No » she replied, « I’ve never been sodomized but I’d love to try it, especially with a huge cock like yours and I loge sucking cock. My name is Alice and I’m 17. Her other hand holds his head firmly against her and she starts to make little sounds of orgasmic ecstasy only to be followed by: "yes...yes....yeS….yessss...fuck, yes! YESSSSSS!!!!" She cums all over his face. She then gets down and gets behind Jennifer and takes over the rhythm of Lopez's blow job as she forces Jennifer face to take him further down her throat. I hear Jennifer gag and he thrusts hard inside her mouth. His ass lifts off the chair as he erupts inside her mouth. Jennifer stands. "Light tomorrow." Okay," I said. I got off the bike and went to the showers. On my way out I glanced again at the dancers and others in the room. I envied their physical perfection and their grace and ease. I felt like a laggard. Outside on Lexington Avenue, I responded to my urge to work harder by jogging, determined to make my way on foot all the way uptown to meet Martha. But at 59th Street I was running out of steam. Angry with myself, I caught a taxi to Martha's and changed into nicer.

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