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Paul put a his hands on either side of my face, and kissed me, it sounds stupid, but I got butterflies in my stomach. I was so relieved, I kissed him ...ack, putting my tongue into his mouth. Running around his teeth, and playing with his tongue.When the kiss broke off. I looked him in the eyes and said how much I had missed him, he kissed the end of my nose, and said that he loved me, and missed me too.It was getting dark by this time, so Paul got up and closed the curtains. He got us both. [INDENT]Dearest Diane,You do not know me, but I am a man of honor. I would never have written you, and quite possibly would not have saved your picture, if someone were waiting for me at home. There was a girl of whom I was quite fond in school. However, she refused to see me after I enlisted. She felt, as I now do, that war is an abomination. I have had no contact with her since I left for basic training.Shall I assume that you have no suitors? From your letters, it seems as though you. Her pussy is slick as Lilly’s was, when my naked cock popped into her the first time.Phyllis looked down at me, smiling as she sat back straight, and took half my cock inside her pussy with one plunge.“Phyllis! You don’t need to play this game. Your hot little pussy feels too good on my cock for you to gamble on me not filling you with cum.”“I’d love to feel you spraying your cum inside my pussy, but I need to wait another year. I’ll receive my teaching degree next spring, and I’ve already got. She knew that smell well. It was concentrated scent of her burning aching desire...so strong and heady it was almost intoxicating. "Shove them into your face and drink in the scent. You like it, don't you?" Her underwear hid the flush on her cheeks. "Yes, Sir." "You liked the young woman in the video, didn't you?" "Yes, Sir", she said, her nose full of her pussy smell. "You wish you was the girl in that movie, don't you, slut?" "Yes, Sir." Her voice quavered as though she were about to start.

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