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" He found himself tremblingand Emma walked into the kitchen accompanied by someone. So frightenedwas he that he couldn't help but release some urine ...rom his bladder. Itwasn't much, but it soaked his pantyliner and drenched the front of hispanties."What's he doing standing there?" a voice asked - a voice which he nowrecognised to be Sarah's. He relaxed a little because at least it wasn'ta complete stranger. "He's being punished, Sarah," explained Emma. "I'm exercising zerotolerance and he gets. " While I stroked her hair I extended my other arm to Soph, and after gently pulling her down next to me, I asked, "Is it true? You're going to have a baby? When? How? I'm going to be an uncle? Really?"Nodding, Soph curled up in my arm facing her Mother, and soon the three of us were hugging each other ferociously, the angry words forgotten in our love for each other. Finally I stood and gently escorted Sophie to her room, telling her as we walked that I'd go back and talk to Mom but that I. C., after which he joined the Army. He's now a paratrooper. While we awaited my aunt and uncle who were driving cross country because they were afraid of flying, my brother and I were each emotionally vulnerable. Adult family friends visited daily, bringing us food and trying to keep our minds occupied with thoughts of the future, not the past or present.The night before my aunt and uncle arrived, after Roger had showered, I heard him sobbing. He was still in the bathroom. I was nude, two rooms. That I was not really a witch initiate.That I was a man beneath the disguise.The circle was way too big. My sister dancing opposite of me. Iremembered thinking that it could use a few more dancers. When a few moreappeared - seemingly out of thin air - I was briefly annoyed. It wassupposed to be ritual just with her and me. But no, she had to go allout. Hire co-workers to flesh it all out. But a moment later I didn'tcare anymore. This dance felt magical and the feeling grew with each stepI.

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