Ok you already promised me that you are going to keep the money now you have to promise me that no matter what you won't get mad at me when I tell you...the reason you have to keep the money and you have to keep it between us, I said what is all the mystery? He said promise me, I said I promise, you swear. Yes I do, you still gonna be my best friend? I swear. Now I can tell you and asked you to forgive me, would you forgive? I said yes! Okay last night when I went to the bathroon by accident, I. The chicken was inedible, the broccoli waterlogged, the mashed potatoes were instant and the salad was obviously cut with a knife ... brown edges. The waiter was surly and actually demanded a tip.Nineteen aud EACH... 57 dollars and we couldn’t eat it. Complaints fell on deaf ears. They knew we were leaving and wouldn’t be back. Concourse security laughed.“It is universally known that airport food sucks,” said the guard. “You should have eaten before you came or visited one of the food. It makes life very complicated sometimes.The Truth-Oath established, I began to tell my story."One day during the start of the thaw season about three years ago, with the snow mush rapidly turning to mud on the ground inside the river delta near Neuport, my mentor, the venerable Venatari was leading a scout training expedition for three young pups that were so wet behind the collar that they didn't understand yet why it was still sometimes snowing in what should have been early-summer. This was. Time went on and the boys kept on having sex with each other. Jabir enjoyed to suck Bashir’s cock and get his cock sucked too before fucking Bashir. Jabir loved to get his cock sucked and having a 69 with Bashir. Jabir was so blessed with the size and nimble at the young age that he could suck himself and thought it was his way to make Bashir jealous for having a hard cock of only half the size than Jabir and it did not matter if Bashir had a girl to fuck her pussy on demand. Jabir was well.

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