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Vo puri laal ho gai thi.Fir usne mere lips par kiss kiya,thodi der bad mera lund erect ho gya aur mene usse palatne ko kha,fir mene uski gaand me ek u...gli dali, vo dar gai,usne ye nahi socha tha, aur yahi mera pla n tha,vo mana karne lagi,”plz sir vha se nahi plz, bahut dard hoga,”,mene kha ab gf ho toh karwana toh padega.Mene thuk usku gaand me lagayi,aur bahut sar oil apne lund me lagaya,fir mene uski gaand k aaspas jeebh se chatna shuru kiya.Mujhe anal sex bahut pasand he.Anwesha ki gaand. “Go well, daughter.”I turn again toward the land. Kitik’s scent is strong now, I know he is very near. I follow his scent, but soon I sense something before me, some barrier that will not let me go further. It is like a big weed and yet it is also like rock, very hard; it has small holes that let the water flow through, but much too small for me or for Kitik. I come to this barrier and I stop; Kitik’s scent is very strong now, but he is on the other side of this strange rock-weed.I call out to. His hand went to his crotch and he started unzipping himself when I began fumbling with his belt. Out popped his dick and I grabbed and squeezed it. I began stroking him in rhythm with his mouth on my own cock, and I realized that with all those hours of jacking myself off it just seemed natural for me to have a cock in my hand. I closed my eyes and as he sucked I stroked. As I moved closer and closer to cumming I lost all thought that here I was with some guy's cock in my hand. I just. You will be observing me while I am in a session this is the beginning of your training. Mistress Ann- Jack and Leslie will be joining Natalia today for training. Today we will be going over the equipment as well as different scenes so let’s look around you may ask questions but be respectful or you will be punished. Jack- I can’t believe that this is happening to me I was at the bus stop with Leslie and the next thing we know we are tied up on a plane. Mistress slaps my leg to get my attention.

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