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" Mother, could you please put Jim on the phone," I asked."Honey, it's two in the morning. What's up? Are you alright?" she asked."Yes mother, please,...just put Jim on," I pleaded.A minute later I heard Jim's voice, "Kate, are you OK?" Jim, I really need you right now. I hate to ask this but could you come home, please?" I begged."Of course. I'll be there soon," he promised, "probably a couple of hours if that's OK as I'll need to get the boys up and dressed and reload the car." No, don't bring. I never knew these feelings, these thoughts before, surprised, it was all so exciting. Almost as as soon as he walked in the door, we found ourselves totally nude in my bed. Our bodies were so different. He was so young and fit, I so old and out of shape. For some reason, he seemed to love being with me and I, although shocked and surprised by his affection, came to feel the same way for him. I had never sucked cock before him, but now I craved it. With him laying back and opening his legs, I. Jalisa stands at 5-2 165 lb curvy in all the right places with a little push stomach due to a baby 19 with brown skin and long permed hair. Lil Rob is 5-6 110 pounds soaking wet with medium dreads chocolate tone skin 26.They're arguing over typical things she saying he's cheating he's saying she's crazy. At that moment Lil Rob pulls her closer and kisses on the neck knowing that's her spot and kisses again. She utters under her breath I can't believe I'm doing this. He pushes her back on the. ...snugger in the middle and looser on the top and bottom edges creating that hourglass figure every little pretty little sissy boy longs for. Turning you around I stand behind you whispering in your ear as you gaze into the full length mirror at your new silhouette "Is this what you wanted?" No my Queen, that is what you wanted. You did this to me. How can I be your pretty girl if I have this and no pussy?" Your little boy pussy will do just as well"Spinning you around once again, I put you.

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