”Sally fetched me a plate of food in from the kitchen. I drooled at the contents, a full English breakfast (for the uneducated of you out there this...very unhealthy meal consists of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and bread, with a helping of baked beans. Yes, I know it should have black pudding, but I’ve never been keen on it; it’s something to do with all the blood I see daily, I guess).I grinned contentedly as I waved a loaded fork in their general direction. “So, is everyone. Jeff wrapped his arms around Clara, positioning his hands initially on the back of her bare midriff, then sliding them down over the coarse fabric of her tight shorts. Jeff gave Clara’s buttocks an unexpected tight squeeze as he pulled her hips against his own, prompting a muffled yelp of approval from his partner. Their faces, like the rest of their bodies, were covered in dust from crawling through the tight cavern, and as their lips slid against each other mercurially, the dust was swept. Ireach over and start to rub his balls thru the nylon and he closeshis eyes as he keeps stroking his cock and me on his balls. then ifeel him twitch. so I pull his pantyhose down and grab his cock andput it in my mouth as he cums.. He looks wide eyed at me as i amsucking and swallowing his cock. He asked me if i ever did thatbefore. I said no but thought about it. he said it felt really goodand he liked it. I said maybe later we can do it again. He watched mejerk off I came in 1 minute as i was. But I desperately wanted to see her naked at any cost!We lived on the ground floor. The outside part of the boundary was empty where the washroom window was. I quickly went outside and managed to climb the required height to look inside the window. Fortunately, the window was open. What I saw next, was pure heaven!For the very first time, I saw a woman fully nude and it was none other than the person whom I dry humped a few minutes ago!! My hand went straight to my little monster and began to.

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