She looked down as he pulled down his shorts, allowing his massive black cock to flop free. She was stunned, as she could see that even in its sem-har... condition, it was already half again as big as Brad's dick. It was so black, it was almost purple, and his uncut foreskin could not hide the fact that the big bulbous head was even bigger around that the rest of it. With one hand he continued to pin her shoulders to the lounger while his other hand guided that huge purple-black knob to her. I could see underware of all colours red blue, black, and white, pink. It was all there Ifound what I was looking for and went to put it on.First I put on the body I could feel the stretchy lace over my tummy andthen the wires of the bra against my sissy boobs as I did up the clips atthe back. I pulled a pair of fish net stockings up my legs and attachedthe suspenders. My sissy clit began to stir even more as pulled the dressover my head. As I pulled it down over my body it just heightened. The card she gave me was from an uptown law firm. The wife's name was Laura and she was a criminal lawyer. The card had a number written on the back so I decided to try that number. Laura answered on the 1st ring. I told her my name was Jon and who I was. She was very happy I called. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to call me" she said. After a few moments of small talk Laura asked me to meet her at her office. I agreed, hopped in my car and drove uptown. I parked. 'Ok' Jenny said excited, 'If you two could lose your clothing, i'll position you for the first pose. Julie didn't hesitate, simply pulling the belt at the front of her kimono and shrugging it off her shoulders. The silk material fell to the floor around her feet. I heard a couple of the guys take a deep breath as they were suddenly exposed to my wife's naked body. she looked stunning!! Tony, stood beside Julie, also shrugged hes boxers off. Although soft, he was already an impressive size..

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