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Ellington’s gorgeous body was memorizing. I wanted to touch it, caress it, and feel its warmth against me. I wanted to fuck her the way the jock had... I had caught her fucking the jock. I had evidence of her misconduct..She was scared that I would tell someone; maybe even go the dean. The fear in her eyes told me this. I wasn’t planning on telling anyone. After some time I looked at the clock on my side table. It was four in the morning. My first class wouldn’t be until nine and I wouldn’t see. The other contractual requirement of all female students at BSC was the total abstinence of all forms of modesty. This basically meant that all personal ablutions and toileting needs had to be performed in any number of open plan showers and toilet facilities dotted around the campus ... with the Matterhorn being the most open set of facilities of them all. This one particular structure stood right at the heart of the college campus. It had a grassy area around it and park benches scattered. It made it easier for me to get a look at Mike and it made it easy to get him get a look at me if he wanted. I think he looked down my way out of the corner of his eye when I was whizzing but it isnt like I could look over to be sure. We washed our hands and when we were walking out into the hall I smiled at Mike and told him to say hi to his brother when he talked to him. He said he would and asked which twin I was, Tristan or Taylor. I told him I was Tris. He said he would tell John I said. “And are you going to play with your bottom, or the little nub that you begged me not to punish?” he said.“Please Sir, no more!” cried Sarah.The crop rose up one more time, and she watched in horror, her hands frozen in place as it came down again between her legs. It landed with a sharp smack, and her vision turned white as every muscle in her body clenched down all at once, the pain shooting through her amplified further by the burning in her rear. Between the spread lips of her privates, she.

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Indian Girls Absued

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