D., in the form of the aeolipile, a metal ball on hollow pivots, with two opposing angled vents to release steam and make the ball spin. A fire was ma...e underneath a closed cauldron which fed the steam to the ball. The ball rotated as the steam vented from the two tubes, but it was little more than a toy, a demonstration device. Next, our old friend Da Vinci left us a sketch of a steam-powered cannon, which may or may not have been effective in propelling a missile, but in my opinion would not. The gentleman on the phone said I have just a girl! Sure enough a woman in the same stature as Amber arrives at our estate in Charleston. My two guy friends decided to go to sleep! I couldn’t believe it. When the escort arrived she gave us some pretty strict ground rules, as far as not being able to touch her and some of those things that you would experience in a strip club. I was kind of surprised, as I thought she would let us do with her what we like. Rachel did ask her if she was allowed. No restrictions.”She stood and dropped the towel, displaying her beautiful young body.“Nice negotiating tactic,” I chuckled.“I use all the tools at hand appropriate to the negotiations,” she said without a trace of humor. “I know I’m asking you to give up a lot, but it’s not as much as you were willing to give up that day we were in the barn. What is it you said? It’s not a zero-sum game?”“I did.”“So now the ball’s in your court. Daughter or lover. You know the rules for each. Which do you. I was aroused by a fit of jealousy when I saw Samantha submitting to Todd and something just snapped. I have a craving for pain and for years I have been self-abusing. That day when I saw the two of them together, all the urges I had been feeling just rushed to the fore and I embraced my wholly submissive nature without any thought that in addition to indulging in BDSM, I was committing i****t with my son and my daughter.Since that revelation in what seems a lifetime ago, I have been the best.

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