I listen to your ragged breath, hear it catch. So very close, little one. My fingers followed the path of your juices, those my lips have not already...captured, as they trickle down between your legs. I collect them on my fingers, and now you can feel me begin to massage them into the wrinkled skin rimming your cute, tightly puckered little ass. I let you feel the pressure of my fingers as I continue to lubricate you, let it build, let you yield, until one, then two insistent fingers push their. I am feeling and massaging her soft smooth skin on back. Then my hands going to bra then front side felling her warm balls. They are good size and juicy type. I am removing hooks of bra then sliding down from shoulder. Than she is upper portion also naked. But her face is to the wall so I am not able see her boobs. I wait patiently for removing panty also. And then think I finally see her full naked at one time only. So I continue to pull her panty down also. When I doing that I am also kissing. “It feels so different,” she gasped, unable to keep still.“I’m going to cut you if you keep moving,” I warned again.“I can’t keep still with you doing that,” she said, beginning to pant.“Want me to sit on her?” asked Cassie, who had sat on the bed beside Lori to observe my technique.“Cassie!” groaned Lori.“He’s right. If you keep moving he’ll never get done.”“I’m not sure I want him to get done,” panted my sister. “That feels amazing.”“And I thought I was the slut,” sighed Cassie.I timed my. Again that word. I hiccupped tears, buried my face into his shoulder. I had tried so hard to keep it light, to help him feel that I would manage while he was gone. Now it was more than a short goodbye, he meant it to be final. I couldn’t breathe, my entire system had fought against me, as if the tears swelling inside me prevented air from entering my nose and my eyes burned red. ‘I love you, Caden. I am not afraid to say it. I will always be here for you, if you need me, If you want to talk,’.

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