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"That is because you make me horny baby, I love being horny for you" "Yes you do my handsome badboy. Let me take care of it" Stacey crawled towards Se...en's erect manhood and finally lays down on her stomach, grabbing her boyfriend's hard cock and kissed it all over. She heard the satisfied moans of her boyfriend and took his shaft in her mouth. Slowly her head went up and down his large cock and her eyes rolled back from pure lust. She loved sucking her boyfriends cock and she realeased it with. “May I? Just for a moment?”I knew I was riding the line of what’s acceptable, so when he reminded me “I said: ‘not tonight.’” I stopped asking and began to move. I slithered and squirmed my way over his torso, leaving a slick trail in my wake. When I reached his face I over him point blank. “How about this?”“You don’t have to ask twice,” he told me. His mouth was obscured from my vision, but his eyes were smiling. There were no more words between us. For the rest of the night, actually. . I hope you enjoyed the last story; this is its continuation…I could not sleep for most of the night. I kept thinking of what will happen next. Will mom tell my dad? I was sure I would be thrown out of the house. I got sleep late & by the time I woke up, it was late & mom was in kitchen. I freshened up & was passing by the dinning room. Mom had kept breakfast ready there. She did not say anything. I just ate it & went back to my room. I was not able to concentrate on studies. Around afternoon. She’s completely gone. He knew Scarlett from school (barely) but of course he never knew her to be like this - she’d never had a boyfriend, and as far as anyone knew she was still a virgin. She barely knows me but she’s willing to cum on camera for me. Fuck that’s hot. He chuckled to himself in glee as he texted her. Holy shit. 5 minutes. Don’t move. Immediately she responded. Wouldn’t dream of it. I made her all horny lol. We’re at 43 Evewell Drive if u don’t know xx He bounded.

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