"I want this. I've dreamed of it Sir. I do, I'll be..." You'll be what I tell you you'll be." Mr. D cut in. He held all thecards here and was clea...ly enjoying being so domineering of the wannabegurl in front of him. "It's a tall order to start off with. So, we dolet TVs start working here - as Pussy Boys. You gotta be real goodthough at being en femme and girly. But you'll also be down at thebottom of the entire pecking order. It's the full-on sissies - thePussy Girls - who make me. The fact that he was already semi-hard seemed to amuse her as she slipped the delicious lips of her mischievous smile over the head of his cock. She’d been aching for a nice big dick all night, and now she had her hands on one. The warm, wet sensation of her tongue stroking around the glans of his head finished the job her thighs had started just moments before. He was now hard as a rock and rolling his hips into her fist. James tilted his head back and squinted as the burnt out florescent tube. She reminded me of the little red-haired girl in the Peanuts comic strip. ‘No, honey, I didn’t know your dad personally but I did hear his name mentioned and he was a hero. He even got the purple heart.’ ‘Yes he did, mommy showed it to me,’ she said with a smile. Of course, I didn’t know her dad’s name or even what branch of the service he was in, but she was happy with my reply. All those killed in the line of duty get the Purple Heart. Chrissy smiled at me and then her face looked scared.. Level three was a huge jump in proficiency!I kept working on my stances one at a time while getting more and more comfortable with my strike, parries and blocks in each set. Not that I did much parrying with my Axe. I felt blocking was more efficient and worthwhile.Lora slid next to me and watched, “are you on drugs?” she asked out of the blue.“Huh?” I misstepped at her question, but still connected with my swing.“You improved a lot. How did you do it?” by her tone, my improvement was more than.

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Siyapa Episode 2

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