She was going crazy as I manipulated the most sensitive areas of her body. Then I felt Rachel’s hand grasp my swollen cock. Rachel wasted no time; beauty slid down to her knees in front of me and began lightly sucking my long hard shaft. Before I knew it her mouth went lower as she began lightly sucking my balls. Then Rachel looked up and laughed “here it comes honey, the best blowjob of your long life”!!!! I figured she was just bragging but soon Rachel’s mouth opened wide as she took my. It's not what you think." She stammers. Thousands of thoughts rush through my mind all at once including and strangely...I'm never going to get to fuck her again. Or am I? She is all of 105 lbs soaking wet which is no match at all for my 210 pounds, certainly not a match at all with my adrenaline running. I pick her up and body slam her to the floor and decide that all the kinky things I always wanted to do but she wouldn't let me...I was about to do. Immediately Cara starts begging and. After I was refreshed and suitably attired I was left to my own devices for a while. I sat on the edge of the big bed and tried to come to terms with my new world. I wasn’t left to brood for too long however. There was a discreet knock on the door and I opened it to be confronted by a small, dark haired but dignified man that turned out to be Milo, Dr Theodorakis’ butler and general manservant, who, in passable English, informed me that the Doctor hoped that I was rested and refreshed and. Waise i m also very sexy coz mere husband mujhe ek minute k liye bhi chhod nahi sakte agar main saamne hu to bus chat te hi raheinge mujhe or hamesha bolte hain mere nange sharir ko dekhkar ki oh my god koi itna sexy kaise ho sakta hai. He love my body wo ghanto mujhe nanga karke dekhte hi rehte hain. Well, coming back to the topic jab main jal gayi us heroine se to maine bhi maine bhi decide kiya ki agar is aahhh ko aaaaaahhhhhhh mein na badla to mera naam bhi reema nahi.Hum ghar wapas aaye.

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Sexy Girl On call

Sexy Girl On call

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