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A number of our customers forget who they used to be. Sometimes it's by accident, and sometimes it's by design. Sometimes, I think some of them are so...traumatized that they blot out the memories of their past lives, and it isn't the magic at all. Not everyone can handle being transformed, and not everyone can handle being in a new reality. Memory restoration isn't something to be done lightly, my master told me." Your master?" Kris said. "Doesn't that old guy have a name?" He probably has. ” Perra’s voice went somber, “We were worried about Thom those first few days. He didn’t take his first child ‘hatching’ as opposed to ‘being born’ very well. He flipped out on the others pretty badly then ran off. Ruce was heartbroken but insisted that Ruto and Ghoss not go searching for him. A couple of days later he showed up again, looking like he’d been living in a cave and apologizing profusely.I’d be lying if I didn’t say we were all worried that he would run back to his family and tell. Expectation filled the summer house: each making themselves ready for what came next. This was the moment!! The two men, watching her every move, drew closer to her. They were breathing heavily. Hands outstretched towards her. Two zips being strained to the full by the extension inside trying to get out. They fondled her breasts, and stroked her body, to her infinite pleasure. She found herself being a little nervous this time. Could this be happening again? In any case, she was. She just had to keep it up five more days.Catherine was happy that Chad’s schedule kept them separate on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, since he seemed to be a particular weakness of hers, and she was happy for anything that improved her odds of her keeping herself together until Friday.She had half a mind to skip History of Western Fashion, since she was going to drop it anyways, but she decided between Prof. Baker’s “you must attend the first three classes” ultimatum, and her desire to report any.

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