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So why does this still turn me on when having sex with or fantasizing about my wife? Well, the sheer numbers - my fantasy was of her as a true slut, p...rn star, or professional whore.And she pretty much engaged in enough encounters, and in some cases, WE engaged in enough encounters, that I will probably have fantasy material for life.So before diving into some specific great moments, I thought I would share some statistics, just to see how we may or may not compare to others in "the lifestyle".. I like it because it looks professional, especially as I wear ones that are just below the knee normally.”“That must be the secret then!” Holly added. “I thought it was always short skirts. But I bet it’s any skirt, so long as it shows legs, and if possible the hips. Oh Peter, you are doomed now! We all now your deepest and darkest secret!”All three of them laughed, and I decided to make a strategic withdrawal. All three giggled and waved as I headed off. I wandered the game room a bit, and. " I then align myself on his dick and start riding that thing like a jockey on a horse. He then lifts me up and pushes me over the dresser, then he lifts my left leg up and throws it on top of the dresser. Mmmmmmm i love the rough stuff. Then he bends down behind me and start rubbing his nose in in my pussy and sniffing it like a bouquet of roses, then he spits all over my cunt and inside me too then shoves his cock so fast and hard into my pussy that i knocked over the things on the dresser.. Julia, Carol, Donna, Ava, Alexis, Pat, Katelin and several other girls were flown to Chicago, where Oprah's show is recorded. None of the Target Girls went though, as Julia considered them too self-centered to do a good job of boosting me. [When the Target Girls discovered what they'd missed out on, they were LIVID and amazed that they'd not been included. After all, they were easily more beautiful than any of the girls who'd gone.]The introduction included Oprah saying, "My guests today are.

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