‘ ‘I don’t understand? You keep saying ‘we’? Who is this ‘we’ you are so fond of reminding me of?’ ‘We,’ Sasha Levine said while h... looked at Anna with piercing grey eyes, ‘represent a group trying to locate Jews and get them to Palestine. While we can.’ ‘What do you mean, ‘while we can’?’ ‘Surely you must understand that the war is not over. The lines have been redrawn, certainly, but the hatred that has defined our lives for two thousand years has not disappeared. Only now is the depth of the. Shewent back to her small home town and took a teachingposition, while I had gone to the big city and takena junior management position at a large retail outlet.Several times a year we got together to catch up onthings in our lives. She always showed up around noonon a Saturday. We would have a long lunch, then wewould shop until the early evening. After that wewould have a long dinner. Through it all would belots of chats and, for Fran at least, lots of drink-ing. Somehow, I always ended up. I turned it onbefore I began blowing you and positioned you so thatthe camera got a good shot of the snowball and yourreaction. She wasn’t supposed to, but she told Cal aboutit after he swore he’d never tell you.“I didn’t tell you because I knew how angry you’d be,but mostly because I wanted to spare you thehumiliation. I can see I was right.”Wendell’s face was white, and his words were terse androbotic. “She said secrets,” he said.. I’ll bet Roger enjoys the change in his relationship with you. “ Autumn smiled.“It’s kind of hard for me to figure him out. I suppose, in a way, he enjoys seeing me naked and I know for sure that he enjoys the oral sex as well as I do, but he says he really hates my having to go through all this.”“Look, sis. The sex was going to happen shortly anyhow. Whether I made you do it or not. If you really want to know how he feels, look in his eyes and tell him that after these pictures, there will be.

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